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Italian Coral 9.97 Carats


White Coral has been discovered in Colombia, Zambia, Brazil, Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, United States and Australia. Being highly saturated and perfectly balanced in green and blue tints, Colombian emeralds are the considered..

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White Coral is a semi-precious, white colored organic gemstone formed in the deep ocean by marine creatures called Coral Polyps. It is a well-recognized gemstone in vedic astrology and worn for financial success, mental peace, strong will power and healthy progeny.

White Coral Stone (Safed Moonga in Hindi) is an important astrological gemstone due to its association with the dominating planet- Mars. Hence, it is important to ensure that Mars is favorably placed in native’s birth-chart, before wearing Safed Moonga. Some astrologers connect white Munga ratna with planet Venus because of its white
color. But it is astrologically not relevant

Origin: White Coral gemstones from Italy and Japan demand the highest Safed Moonga price due to their fine color. Italian white coral continues to be the most popular variety followed by Japanese ones. White coral gems of other origins are slightly lower in quality, and therefore are considered more suitable for ornamental purposes.

Color: Natural, white colored Moonga gemstone is considered more valuable in the market due to its high demand. Safed Moonga price often drops for stones in dull, off-white or pinkish-white color tone.

Cut: white coral is more prone to damage and can crack from pressure. It is generally sold as cabochon (polished non-faceted stone) gemstone in round, oval, capsule and triangular shapes. Triangular gemstones are comparatively more expensive due to their low availability.

Clarity: Being an opaque gemstone, clarity of white coral is defined by its surface texture and overall brightness. White Coral prices increase for well-polished, spotless, and lustrous white coral. Safed Moonga prices shift downward if they contain blemishes, spots and pits.

Carat Weight: Minimum 1/10th of the body weight. E.g. – a person weighing 60 kgs can wear a 6-carat Safed Moonga stone.

Who can wear White Coral Stone
White coral is known to be extremely beneficial in strengthening wearer’s immunity and restoring peace of mind.
White Coral is used as an astrological substitute for Diamond or White Sapphire Gemstone, and it has in-numerable spiritual and healing benefits for its wearer

Benefits of White Coral
The benefits of wearing white coral are that it will assist an individual to combat against its enemies. The stone dissipates the ill effects and overcome obstacles as Mars are regarded to be the commander in chief among all planets. It also helps to remove laziness and energies a person and assists him/her to accomplish their tasks on given time. The stone white coral also increases the ability of logical thinking. Therefore, the white coral stone is extremely useful for those students who are preparing for competitive exams

Care and Cleaning:
• White Coral is sensitive to heat or excess dryness that can lead to internal cracks & scratches on the surface.
• clean your white coral stone very gentle and follow these instructions
• Use only mild cleaners and non-abrasive cloths when cleaning the surface of your natural white coral stone.
• The safest way to clean opal is using soapy warm water.

Price Range: White Coral Price is determined by assessing its origin, color, shape, clarity and carat weight. Safed Moonga price in India ranges from ₹ 250 per carat ($3 approx) and can reach up to ₹400 per carat ($6 approx) depending upon its quality.

Why Manka:
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