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Peridot is a vibrant green gemstone that is very popular. Its distinctive green hue, which ranges from yellow-green to olive-green to dark green, is unlike any other gemstone. According to Vedic astrology, peridot is an astrological equivalent for Emerald and is said to provide wisdom, harmony, and great health and wellbeing.
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Origin: USA, Burma, Russia, Australia, Brazil, Pakistan and China are famous locations where peridot mines are found. Yet, Burmese peridot is famous for its bright green colour and superior clarity. Stones from USA, Brazil, and China are darker and appear cheap for this reason.

Quality: The Peridot gemstone should have minimum visible inclusions and the colour should be uniform and pure. An unheated and chemically untreated Natural Peridot Gemstone should be considered for astrological proposal.

Colour: Bright green peridot is recommended. Untreated, natural olive-green peridot can also be worn.

Clarity: Inclusions in peridot appear as silky disc shaped fragments called ‘lily pads’. Both volume and visual location of inclusion can lower the worth of the gemstone significantly. It is important to understand that inclusions may not always be a bad sign as they imply the stone is natural and treatment-free, and so can be worn for astrological purposes.

Cut: The shape and the cut also influence the overall worth of Peridot. Extremely faceted peridot is more expensive than round or oval stones due to the gemstone loss incurred in the cutting process.

Carat Weight: If the stone is of good quality, a 3 to 4 carat peridot will suit a wearer of any age and body weight and provide good results. If the stone is of low to medium quality, a 5 to 7 carat ruby is recommended. If one can afford it, a 5-10 carat good quality peridot is best.

Who can wear Green peridot?
In Vedic astrology, green peridot is ideally suited for those whose moon signs (rashi) and ascendants (lagna) are Taurus (vrshabha) Gemini (mithuna), Leo (singha), Virgo (kanya).
We recommend that you get advice from a qualified astrologer to better understand the position of the Sun in your birth chart and the suitability of ruby for you.
Western Astrology, on the other hand, promotes emerald as the birthstone of August and the sun sign Libra, and it is ruled by Mercury and Venus. Peridot is commonly used as an astrological alternative for Emerald Gemstone, and it provides the user with several spiritual and healing benefits. Ascendants of all zodiacs can wear Peridot as it has no negative side effects.

Benefits of Green peridot
Peridot enhances the user’s intellect and learning abilities. Wearing it improves understanding, memory, and concentration. This gemstone is great for those who struggle with distraction and have a short attention span.
Peridot is also an excellent gemstone for improving vocal abilities and communication. It is especially advantageous for people who work in professions or positions that need a lot of interpersonal connections. It is also great for anybody working in the entertainment, journalism, or public relations sectors.
Additionally, according to astrology, it said to be a fantastic gemstone for reducing tension and anxiety and helping with overall neurological disorders and skin allergies.

Care and Cleaning:
• Peridot is fragile and ought only to be cleaned with a fine soft wet cloth of cold to medium temperature.
• Until the peridot is put into a ring, it needs to be stored in oil otherwise cracks may develop. Pour pure baby oil in a large plastic or glass container and store the peridot in there. Once a fortnight, one may take the ring off and store in oil for a whole day to maintain the stone’s lustre.
• Make sure it doesn’t fall on a hard surface as there is an increased chance of the stone cracking due to its delicateness.
• Clean the stone with the moist cotton till the time its surface becomes brighter and clean. Now, set the stone for some time to get drained off water from it.
• Heat can damage peridot stones. Wear with care and protective settings since surface scratches will diminish this gem’s finish. Do not keep exposed to hot water for a long duration of time.

Price Range: Peridot stone price varies steeply even within the same variety because of several quality factors. Origin, color, clarity and uniqueness, collectively influence the price of peridot. Peridot stone prices can range anywhere between £25 per carat to £500 per carat.

Why Manka:
We provide authorized Gem Lab certification along with peridot. Keeping in mind that the prices of gemstones change depending on global market prices, we are committed to keeping the prices as fair as possible for the benefit of our clients. You can check a wide range of Peridot stones on our website, trusted suppliers of ruby gemstones at reasonable prices.

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