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Turquoise is one of the world’s oldest stones, dating back to prehistoric times. It is available in a variety of colours, ranging from sky blue to greenish-blue to lemon green. Turquoise is a stone of knowledge, tranquillity, protection, luck, and optimism. Wearing it has a good effect on the wearer’s social position and lifestyle, according to Vedic astrology.
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Origin: Turquoise mines are present in Iran (Persia), Tibet, Mexico, Arizona, Egypt, Turkey and America etc. In the gemstone market, the Persian turquoise stone is regarded as highly sought-after due to its brilliant blue hue, high clarity and waxy to matt lustre. According to the experts, American turquoises coming from the popular Arizona turquoise mines and Kingman turquoise mine are also of fine quality.

Color: Firoza colour generally ranges from light sky blue to deep blue and bluish green etc. According to the traders, the vivid blue (generally found in Sleeping Beauty mine, Arizona) or the evenly saturated medium blue turquoise (traded as Persian blue) are considered most desirable shades. Some off-shade turquoise gemstones are also available in the market such as green turquoise, purple turquoise and white turquoise, etc.

Clarity: Natural turquoise stones are nearly opaque with significantly visible matrix and spots. Clean, spotless turquoise is rare to find and quite valuable. Such pieces are considered quite desirable from the astrological perspective.

Shape: Turquoise is a considerably durable gemstone (Turquoise hardness – 5 to 6 on the Mohs scale) and is therefore found in numerous shapes. Ideally, a well-polished Turquoise in symmetrical shape is considered most desirable.

Cut: Turquoise rough is often fashioned in smooth, well-polished cabochons (gems with one-sided dome) to enhance its natural beauty and overall value. Because of its fair availability, the oval turquoise gems are usually cheaper than the turquoise in a perfect pear or round shape.

Carat Weight: If the stone is of good quality, a 3 to 4 carat turquoise will suit a wearer of any age and body weight and provide good results. If the stone is of low to medium quality, a 5 to 7 turquoise is recommended. If one can afford it, a 5-10 carat good quality Cat’s Eye is best.

Who can wear Turquoise
Turquoise can be worn by everyone because it has no negative astrological effects. Turquoise is said to bring wealth, knowledge, and good health to those who wear it. It is especially useful for those who have any combinations of Jupiter, Saturn, Venus and Mercury in their astrological chart.
Western Astrology, on the other hand, promotes red coral as the birthstone of December.

Benefits of Turquoise
The major benefits of wearing turquoise are consistent happiness, joy, prosperity, and good luck in life. Because it represents Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and Venus, it promotes tremendous growth in the education sector for students, teachers, researchers, and others. It is also useful for employment in senior management and administration.
It also aids in the treatment of obesity-related problems and liver problems. Additionally, it helps women in conceiving, and helping families that want children

Care and Cleaning
• The stone regularly make its appearance dull especially if you do not take care of it. To keep its beautiful and resplendence, you must hold decent care of your stone.
• Use a soft tissue or a cloth and wipe the dust off the gemstone.
• Use some warm water rather than boiling hot water and blend some soft or warm cleanser in it.
• Use a soft toothbrush or jewellery brush to brush off the jewellery to exclude the blemishes perfectly.

Price Range: Currently, Turquoise prices start from £30 per carat and can go as high as £100 per carat depending upon the size, country of origin and quality. The turquoise most in demand is the Nishapuri stone while hails from Iran.

Why Manka:
We provide authorised Gem Lab certification along with gemstone. Keeping in mind that the prices of gemstones change depending on global market prices, we are committed to keeping the prices as fair as possible for the benefit of our clients. You can check a wide range of turquoise stones on our website, trusted suppliers of turquoise gemstones at reasonable prices.

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