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Hessonite Garnet (Gomed) is a semi-precious gemstone with a rich brown or honey colour that belongs to the grossular garnet mineral family. It is worn to counteract Rahu’s negative impacts and to acquire power, wealth, and success in public careers, jobs, and businesses.
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Origin: Natural Gomed stone generally comes from India, Africa and Sri Lanka (Ceylon). Though the stone is found plentifully in Asia, Africa, Australia, and South America, the garnet of Sri Lankan origin is the most sought-after variety of gomed.Colour: The color of gomed includes a broad range from honey-yellow to deep reddish brown.

Clarity: Location, volume and nature of additions altogether affect the value of gomed. The greater the clarity and transparency of the hessonite, the greater the price.

Cut: The cutting of the gemstone not only improves the quality of the gemstone but also covers the inclusions. Also, a better faceted gomed is valued more over a normal or odd shape one.

Carat/Weight: If the stone is of good quality, a 3 to 4 carat gomed will suit a wearer of any age and body weight and provide good results. If the stone is of low to medium quality, a 5 to 7 carat gomed is recommended. If one can afford it, a 5-10 carat good quality gomed is best.

Who can wear Hessonite Garnet?
In Vedic astrology, emerald is ideally suited for those whose moon signs (rashi) and ascendants (lagna) are Gemini (mithuna) and Aquarius (kumbha).
Wearing this gemstone is suggested for anyone running their Rahu mahadasha, as it offers several spiritual and healing advantages.
Western Astrology, on the other hand, promotes hessonite garnet (gomed) as the birthstone of January.

Benefits of Hessonite Garnet
Wearing a good quality Hessonite Garnet will bring you fortune, success, status, prominence, happiness, prosperity, good children, praise, fame, and excellent health. It shields you from rivals and enemies. It improves one’s social standing and earns respect from others. It can also protect you from harmful spirits.

Care and Cleaning:
• Wash your gomed Stone a few times a year.
• Take a soft micro-fibre material to separate the oil and dirt collected on the gomed.
• Use a soft toothbrush or jewellery brush to brush off the jewellery.

Price Range: Gomed is influenced by many factors including size and weight, overall clarity, colour, country of origin and treatment meted out to the stone. Gomed gemstone prices can range £10 per carat to as far as £250 per carat.

Why Manka:
We provide authorised Gem Lab certification along with gemstone. Keeping in mind that the prices of gemstones change depending on global market prices, we are committed to keeping the prices as fair as possible for the benefit of our clients. You can check a wide range of emerald stones on our website, trusted suppliers of gomed gemstones at reasonable prices.

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Origin: Africa

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