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Opal 8.53 Carats


Opal (Doodhiya patthar) is a white coloured semi-precious gemstone of the silicate mineral family. Natural Opal’s ruling planet is Venus (shukra) and can be worn by people seeking benefits in career, marriage and luxury. The major sources of Opal are Australia & Ethiopia.

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silicate mineral family. Natural Opal’s ruling planet is Venus (shukra) and can be worn by people seeking benefits in career, marriage and luxury. The major sources of Opal are Australia & Ethiopia.
Origin:Opal or doodhiya patthar is a white coloured semi-precious gemstone of the trong> Opal mines are discovered in Australia, Ethiopia, Mexico, Brazil, Sudan, Hungary and U.S.A. Of all origins, Opal from Australia is widely popular for its bright hue and rich fire. Ethiopian opal is next preferred followed by Mexican opal which is transparent to translucent and reddish orange in appearance.
Color: Color is the most influential factor for evaluating the Opal’s value. Pure white with fire is the most dominant hue although, orange, black, green, blue and pink opal also exist. A white opal with fire is considered most desirable for its astrological purposes. Opal with dark body color like black, blue and green are equally valued as they display a perfect play-of-color above a dark background.
Cut: Precious opal is generally cut into round, oval or pear shape. Opal cost increases for special cuts like marquis, heart and rectangular due to the carat wastage involved in the process.
Clarity: The value of transparent opal generally reduces due to the presence of a milky or cloudy background. The cost of crystal opal increases with the rise in the level of transparency. For opaque gems, like white opal and dark black opal, the presence of eye visible inclusions, pits or blemishes reduces the price drastically.
Carat Weight: Ideally, minimum weight of Opal which should be worn is calculated according to your body weight. (12 – 15 kgs of body weight denotes 1 carat).
Who can wear Opal Stone
It is worn to counteract the malefic effects of weak Venus in the native’s birth-chart and bring financial prosperity, physical well-being and good social status for the wearer.
• Indian astrology assigns Opal ratna for Tula (Libra) and Vrishabha (Taurus) rashi.
• Western astrology recommends opal birthstone for Libra sign.
Opal gem can also be worn by the ascendants of Capricorn, Aquarius, Gemini & Virgo.
Benefits of Opal
Opal has immeasurable benefits in beauty, good health, love and prosperity. This astrological substitute of precious diamond is worn for success in creative pursuits, luxurious lifestyle, high social status, matrimonial harmony and good health.
An original opal gemstone enhances your social status and is beneficial for those in the creative fields like fashion, acting and jewellery.
It gives you strength to cope with the tough times and negativities in life. It also helps in medical disorders related to stomach and eyes.
• For Blissful Matrimonial Life
• Improved Financial & Social Status
• Success in Creative Ventures
• Heals Liver, Endocrine & Urinary Disorders

Care and Cleaning:
• Opal is sensitive to heat or excess dryness that can lead to internal cracks & scratches on the surface.
• clean your opal stone very gentle and follow these instructions
• Use only mild cleaners and non-abrasive cloths when cleaning the surface of your natural opal stone.
• The safest way to clean opal is using soapy warm water.

Price Range: Price range of Rs 700 to Rs 5,000 per carat ($9 to $71).Prices per carat can be converted into opal stone price per Ratti by multiplying it by 0.9 (so, Rs 10,000/ct = Rs 9,000/ratti).
Why Manka:
We provide authorized Gem Lab certification along with gemstone. You can check a wide range of Opal stones on our website. is the trusted suppliers of Opal gemstone at the reasonable price

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